Quality, Innovation and Sustainable Thinking

… have been both the basis and the driving force of our company’s over 100 years of history and printing tradition. We are an owner-run, midsized company with about 120 employees operating in the Föhren Industrial Park near Trier in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. Our highest priorities are to meet the diverse needs and wishes of our customers, to offer top quality at reasonable prices and to practice environmentally friendly production by availing ourselves of technological innovations. New ideas and a commitment to sustainability keep us on the ball daily ― and our fleet of presses and other equipment consistently state-of-the-art. As an innovative service provider, we support you with complete solutions for all facets of print production to meet your communication needs. We deliver the outstanding quality, excellent service and high level of flexibility it takes to make sure that your print products impressively present your brands and products.
In the process, we are firmly committed to practicing sustainability in order to preserve a world that future generations will want to live in.
As a forward-looking company, we don’t treat environmental protection as a burdensome extra expense or a marketing ploy. Rather, we see it as a necessity and a moral imperative. We therefore decided years ago to strive for certification according to the FSC guidelines. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) awards a highly reputed seal of environmental quality to companies that support sustainably managed forests or use products from them. We also lead our industry in terms of climate protection, and have CO2 certificates for climate-neutral printing to prove it.

You too can partner with us to make an active contribution to lastingly protecting the earth’s climate and environment ― while letting your print products make a pro-environmental statement that will make a good impression everywhere, on both private individuals and companies.

Karl-Heinz Kessel
  • 1907


    Gründung der Druckerei durch Nikolaus Bastian in Neumagen / Mosel.

    Produkte: Etiketten und Geschäftsdrucksachen
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  • 1953


    Übernahme der Druckerei durch den Neffen Rudolf Kessel und Neubau am Rande des Ortes

    Produkte: Etiketten, Geschäftsdrucksachen, Prospekte und Broschüren
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  • 1970


    Neubau auf der gegenüberliegenden Straßenseite mit Einführung einer 4-Farben-Offsetdruckaschine

    Produkte: Etiketten, Geschäftsdrucksachen, Prospekte und Broschüren
    Produktionsfläche: 2200 m2
    Anzahl der Mitarbeiter: 80 Personen
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  • 1990


    Umgründung der Bastian Druck Inhaber Rudolf Kessel in die Nikolaus Bastian Druck und Verlag GmbH

    Gesellschafter und Geschäftsführer: Rudolf Kessel und Sohn Karl-Heinz
  • 1997

    Neuer Standort

    Verlagerung des Standorts in den Industriepark der Region Trier, Föhren

    Produkte: Etiketten, Geschäftsdrucksachen, Prospekte und Broschüren
    Produktionsfläche: 5200 m2
    Anzahl der Mitarbeiter: 115 Personen
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  • 2001


    Erweiterung um 1400 m2 mit Einführung von Verpackungsdruck

    Produkte: Etiketten, Geschäftsdrucksachen, Prospekte, Broschüren und Verpackungen
    Produktionsfläche: 6600 m2
    Anzahl der Mitarbeiter: 120 Personen
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  • 2007


    Gesellschafter Karl-Heinz Kessel 90%, Hilde Kessel 10%
    Geschäftsführer Karl-Heinz Kessel
  • 2009

    Hibis 104

    Einführung des Siebdruckverfahrens für Offline-Veredelung
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  • 2015

    Nico Rudolf Kessel

    Eintritt ins Unternehmen von Sohn Nico Rudolf Kessel.
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