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Iriodin is a pearly lustre, pigments can be very well applied in different applications of coatings (aqueous, UV). The numerous colour effects of the pigments emerge from the interplay of transparency, light refraction and multiple reflections. The shimmering effects enable an angle-dependent colour design.

Depending on the size of the particles, effects range from silky shine to glitter. Iriodin coatings can create interesting iridescent colour effects.

The thicker the layer of pigment applied, the more pronounced the effect.

Iriodin effect pearls up to a size of 25μm can be applied in offset printing, any pigments above 25 μm require a chamber doctor blade system in the coating unit for these spe­cial coatings.
Due to these excellent visual characteristics, but also their numerous technical proper­ties, Iriodin inks are commonly used to up value print products of all kinds, but espe­cially for the packaging industry.


  • Non-combustible· Scentless/tasteless
  • No heavy metal legacies
  • Chemically neutral
  • Temperature-stable up to 800°
  • Environmentally friendly waste combustion
  • Admissible for food packaging